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C a n i s; Major
There's a boy across the river but alas, I cannot swim!
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19th-Sep-2011 12:02 pm(no subject)

I’m not overly sure about how I managed to pull my thigh muscle (that’s not even what it’s called, is it?), but I did and it bloody well hurts. I was supposed to walk (or cycle) to the post office to get my parcel from WHSmith today but it hurts too much to walk properly. Annoyed. 

University starts in a matter of days now, around 14 I think. I’m still at a loss as to where I’m supposed to be, induction and timetables and all that. Just yesterday I was at the uni after getting a coach back from London and I realised just how FUCKINGMASSIVE it is. D: It’s soooo big. I’m going to get lost. It’s like being in year 7 all over again. The inevitable horror of walking into your first class twenty minutes later, coated in sweat and panting because you’ve run around the entire bloody building. I need to do some recon’ before my first day. 

Next week is Fresher’s week, (hurray!(?)). I think it’s charm is somewhat lost on me. I’m going to a few events, the bunfight and the fresher’s fayre (FREE STUFF), but I’m not overly bothered about making social interactions with 18 year olds who are high on the fact they live alone now. (Although I do not count Halls of Residences as ‘living alone’.) The best thing about going to University in my hometown is that I get to keep all of my previously made friends, my best friends who are all still around and my boyfriend who doesn’t go to the same university as me but he’s still in the city. I know all the places that are good and the ones to avoid and I will not get sucked into the trap of thinking Clowns is the hippest place to strut one’s stuff. 

I think I’m stepping over into ‘overly cynical’ now and I should stop before I make it sound like I’m not looking forward to Uni, when in fact I am. SOSO much. I can’t wait to start researching and writing essays again and to have a purpose other than sitting around, wasting the days I don’t work by getting stoned and watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch (though, I regret nothing). 

Anywhoo, I’ve been working on a new poem to do with the change of season, out of coolness. (pun intended.) I actually only have the first line at the moment but I’m sure it’ll develop into something as equally unread and boring as the last one. I really hope this poetry society takes off, I want to be with like-minded people who are confident enough to be critical. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful to the people that do read my work and tell me they like it. It’s lovely. But I need criticism if I’m going to improve. 

I’m STILL re-reading High Fidelity and it still makes me hate men. It’s extremely well written and I get one well with the style, I just really dislike the main character. That’s okay, though? :S 

Today, I’m signing off with a favourite piece from dA: - 

A white blood drop by ChiTorah

Ohhhh, it’s now technically afternoon! I think I’ll have some porridge. :]

11th-Sep-2011 12:57 pm - Nerves & Complete Chaos.
I didn't really feel like posting this on Tumblr. It's more the ambiguous crap place of posting for me. 

I think I just need to get off my chest how UTTERLY UPREPARED AND TERRIFIED I am about going to university in a few weeks. I have no idea when I start, what I'm doing, where I'm doing it, what my name is. I've spent the morning feeling my way around SUSSED, almost in the dark trying to work everything out. I've only just descovered my email as well, how prattish is that? I've got mail in there from mid-August. PAH.

I have managed to pick my modules for Semester 2 though! For History, I don't think I have any optional ones for English. (AGAIN, I DO NOT KNOW!) So, I've gone with Emperor Constantine the Great and Ethnicity in the American City. Both of which I'm quite interested in, so I hope I get a spot. :S The way I feel currently, I feel like I'm way in over my head. I don't think I'm intelligent enough to do this. A week a go I was so excited and now I want to curl into a ball and pretend it's not happening. I need a smack in the face. 


In other news, I'm thinking of starting a wordpress for my poetry. I haven't written anything recently, but I need somewhere to write that's not some stupid blog that no one ever reads. (If you do read it then I will cherish you.)

I'm going to go sink myself into High Fidelity and eat something. 

10th-Aug-2011 08:59 pm(no subject)
 People that say its good luck when a bird shits on you is obviously just sweeping over the fact that's fucking gross. 

So yes, today, I got pooped on by a villainous seagull who ignorantly glided overhead as I sat on a bench in the park. Luckily, I had some tissue (yes, it was used, I'm manky) to clean up the worst of it. After the horror had subsided I went back to my ham salad roll (the salad to ham ratio was poor, abit of crappy lettuce, gg Co-op) and continued reading High Fidelity. Something about sitting outside, trying to stop the plastic bag from wandering off in the wind makes me procrastinate. This time it was about luck. Do you believe in luck? I mean, if you really thought about it, do you think it's a completely plausible explanation?

I may continue this later.. I can't think of good enough examples right now, ahaaaa. 

But basically, I got shat on, I hit myself in the face with the toilet door and then later when leaving work I tripped down the stairs. Don't text and descend. Always tricky. 

So, to sum up -


Early entry to Pottermore

Recently got far to into nail art.

Including fake nails.

High Fidelity is definitely my favourite book.

Okay, cool Also, I will be using my LJ from time to time, for writing and dA rec's. So stay tuned. <3
8th-Aug-2011 08:31 pm(no subject)
 So, I got tumblr. :s

Canis Major;
7th-Aug-2011 08:58 am(no subject)
 I'm sleepy. It's half 8 in the morning here and im in bed, watching Spongebob. I've got some green tea as well, nom nom. I haven't written anything productive here for quite awhile, sorry about that. 

So, I've been thinking a lot lately about my writing and about where's it's going (if anywhere), I've started keeping a notepad and pen in my bag now, so that I can write whenever and wherever. So far its been effective. I've written a few things. Mainly random lines or phrases here and there but the other day I was in town and I was sat on a bench with Clair and Lloyd in front of the ever-imposing fashion Church of Topshop with it's faithful anorexic saints hovering above in some bizarre combination of pleats and leopard print. I wrote probably one of my best poems there. Suddenly inspired by looking around me and making those observations. My writing forms and structures have improved as well, I think. (I can't be sure though) which is encouraging, I like to think that I'm improving on my own. 

In other-but-still-kinda-related-news, I GOT INTO UNI. Yaaaaaay! I'm starting at Southampton in September to do Combined Honours English and History! I'M SO EXCITED. :DDDD I only hope that it'll be as good as I hope it will be. Luckily, some of my friends are going to uni too so I won't feel like a complete loner. :3 I still haven't really decided what I actually want to do after uni or with my degree but I'll cross those bridges when I come to them. I know that I'd really like to go to Europe and study at some point. 

I wish I could sign off with something more interesting. Or even continue with more news but actually, I'm not really in the mood. SO:-

http://kakaheishi.deviantart.com/favourites/#/d45idus :] 
4th-Aug-2011 07:54 pm(no subject)
 Men feel. They just don't wonder why. 
they say time heals all wounds.

and yes this is the way my mind works,
especially now, watching you twitch
and bitch about what a wanker you've been.

no memory tender enough to keep
or cling hold to when all remains
are bleak whispers of the soul.

end meets the indefinite the
end is the inevitable the
end is the tears splatting
on old cracked feet.

washing away tired lies.
17th-Jul-2011 10:09 pm - Ode

 Halloween, 1981

Regret dances around me,
The body of the enemy
Now nothing
But something to step over.

Domestic life lingers,
Dirty dishes on the table.
Silence reigns
In Death's demonic wake.

Wood creaks as weight
Pushes against failing stairs,
Failing stars
Cling to dusk for mercy.

Second door to the left ajar,
And the heart quickens
Silence breaks
By an innocent whine.

The whine welcomes a cry
As I welcome the room.
Limp fingers
Come into bleak view.

Sounds stop like deafness,
Eyes linger on the lifeless.
Regret returns
Cradling me as I cradle you.

There is no light this sunrise,
The colour has dyed out of life.
Emptiness comes
To lead me to my darkest days.
14th-Jul-2011 01:13 pm - 10 Hours and 50 Minutes.
 The last Harry Potter film is out as from tomorrow. But my cinema is awesome and is doing a midnight preview tonight! I'M SOOO EXCITED.. and apprehensive. 
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